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Simply ExtraOrdinary Tales is a Celebration of the power of story in performance, business, and written copy.  Storyteller and writer, Rivka Willick, has brought the ancient art of storytelling into the 21st century.  Her performances are geared to Adult, Business, Teen, and family audiences.  Rivka coaches individuals and groups. Her written work help companies use the story format to sell products and services.  Her research knowledge makes her articles both clear and compelling.

Rivka Willick began spinning tales and telling stories as soon as she could string a few words together.  Her first words weren’t Mama or Papa.  Her first words were “Once Upon a Time.”  Rivka has used her love of story and gift as a word smith to make history fun, promote healing, sell quality products and services, and make people laugh.  Sometimes it’s only through story that we can lower our defenses and hear the truth.

  • Performance – Check out the performace page to discover exciting programs for communities, school, private events, historical functions, and corporate functions.
  • Coaching – Rivka works in person and online helping public speakers, corporate interpersonal development and sales, teachers, and individuals who want to use stories for healing, saving personal history, and growth.
  • Workshops Everyone loves a story and Rivka’s workshops give your company, school, or organization the tools to communicate.  Other workshops are educational and loads of fun.
  • Writing – Simply Extraordinary Tales provides a wide range of writing services using the power of narrative in web copy, blogs, books, sales copy and scripts.
  • Marketing – Rivka will help tell the story of your business or idea in a compelling and affordable way.
  • Drum Circles – We offer drum circles for corporate, family, and community events.  We’ll teach you the basics in five minutes and then we’ll start to make some noise.  We provide drums.

Use our Contact Us page to ask questions about storytelling or any of our services.  We’re storytellers so we love to communicate.