Workshops & Classes

Join Rivka for an upcoming series or invite her to present a workshop or set of classes for your convention, company, festival, or event. Choose a workshop or class that fits your theme or need, or contact Rivka and ask her for a suggestion.

Class Series

Great Ideas need to be told.

Great Ideas need to be told.

Great Idea Story Talks – A five session series teaching skills to create short video talks similar to Ted Talks.  The series ends with video taped performance.

adults at play

Playing With Story – Let your inner kid out and recharge your creative engine with this eight week series using a wide range of art find, explore, and expand your stories.

Pre-school and Elementary classes – Invite Rivka to perform specially tailored shows each with a project or activity.

08 NJ Storytelling Fest Ken G 079Coaching Intensives – Intensives are designed for groups of 6 to 12 adults and last 2 to 3 days.  Each particapant is given a full hour to tell a story and have feed back given by Rivka and then the group.  Please note: this is coaching not critiqueing and all particapants follow structured rules to create a safe and productive environment.


Family Story Workshop – A short workshop focused on finding, collecting, and retelling our family stories. After the stories are found they can be saved orally or in a written form.

Story for Business Speaking – This half or full day workshop is designed for businesses and organizations.  Particapants will learn how to use the power of story to improve public speaking and sales.presentations.

Finding the Rhythm in your Stories – Our speaking patterns and breath can enhance or detract from our ablity to tell a tale or speak to others.  Rivka uses breathing and rhythm exercises along with traditional hand drums in this exciting workshop.

Suspense: Wait…Wait…Ah – This workshop is designed for storytellers, writers, and other creators to take a closer look at how suspense works in various formats.  Well look at art, movies, literature and music, and explore suspense in horror, humor, drama, and traditional formats.

Listening – A good storyteller, speaker, or administrator know how to listen. This fun interactive workshop shows particapants what kind of listener they are and how they can improve their listening skills.

Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After – We’ll take  a look at the structure and variations of beginning and endings.  Great workshop for guilds, festivals, and conventions.