Drum Circles

So you’re in charge of the next event.  Maybe it’s a corporate function, a family get-together, a charitable fund raiser, or a community event. Everybody is tired of the magician and the band was a disastor last year.  You want something interactive that anyone could join in on. You’re looking for an affordable act that will build connections in a fun and new way.

You’re looking for a Simply Extraordinary Drum Circle!

Passaic drumingLearning the basic hand druming technique is easy, it takes about five minutes.  Anyone – from age 6 to 96 can be part of the circle.  This century’s old community event adds energy and fun, offers great photo opportunities, and it’s different!

  • Drum Circles add excitement and energy
  • Hand Drumming is easy to learn in about 5 minutes!
  • Traditional Drum Circles build a sense of unity
  • Drumming generates enthusasim
  • Drum Circles are theraputic
  • Drum Circles build trust and unity

******And it is fun!

We provide drums

Combined Storytelling, Motivational Speaking, Story Slams, and Drumming Programs are available. 

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