Great Story Talks

Are You Ready to be Seen and Heard?


 Idea Story Talk Workshop

Great Ideas need to be told.

Great Ideas need to be told.

Creative Thinkers, Artists, Innovative Entrepreneurs and Big Idea people aren’t satisfied with a website, a blog, and a slick explainer video.  Big Thinkers want to be heard and seen, but putting it all together can be a challenge.  Now you can do it in a fun and innovative course. Work together with a small group of thinkers-pulling from different strengths to polish your presentation, and then have it seen and filmed in front of an audience!

Spend 4 Sundays developing your ideas and presentation in this exciting workshop and finish with a video you can use for marketing, self-development, web content, and/or presentation package for TEDx and other Story Style Showcases.

Course Highlights

  • See a wide range of TED Style Talks and Video Big Idea Presentations.
  • Learn about the many different venues
  • Critique what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • Create your own talk
  • Learn presentation skills
  • Explore audio/visual enhancements
  • Receive safe and constructive critiques on content and presentation.
  • Perform your talk in front of a live audience.
  • Receive a live performance video

Who teaches the course?  Rivka Willick, a professional storyteller, story coach, writer, and marketer has performed all over the US and promoted innovative individuals for over 20 years.  Her supportive approach and integrative story technique creates content that is enjoyed, understood, and remembered.

Where is the course? The course is taught at Rest Stop Rejuvenate at 21 Maple Ave, Rockaway, NJ 07866.  This amazing art, healing, and community center provides exciting programs in a beautiful and safe setting.