Healing Stories

Second Chances

This dynamic program features traditional and orginal transformational tales. This is storytelling for the 21st Century.  Some of the stories that might be told are:

  • Second Chances (3 misfit animals are given a 2nd chance at life)
  • Helen’s Remedy (A self-indulgent lawyer learns to stop talking after a walk in the SC Dunes)
  • Little Red Cap (The complete version of Little Red Riding Hood-it empowers women!)
  • Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in 9 minutes or less!
  • Dancing on the Edge
  • Patricia (an often requested favorite)
  • Shirley’s 13th  Year The bees keep secrets

Labor Daze-400 years of Birth Stories

This very original program is a collection of oral stories all about birth.  This is an adult performance with a wide range of stories spanning over 400 years.  Stories include The Blindfold and the Curtain, Super Bowl Birth, Bound for Greatness, Between the House and the Barn, The Pick Pockets’ Child and The Doll. 

Story Soul Food – Fantasy and Fairytales to heal the Spirit and Soul

Experience the transformative power of Fantasy and Fairytale Stories when told in the tradition of the oral tale. None of the stories are read or memorized, they are told in collaboration with the listening audience so each performance is unique.  These tales deal with a wide range of subjects including addiction, abuse, control issues, green living, loss, and personal power.  Rivka uses both traditional stories often in formats that have been changed or forgotten and original tales.  Fantasy allows us to explore feelings and issues that are impossible to deal with as ‘pure fact’. Rivka’s Fairy Tales allow us to discover ourselves so we can understand personal truths.