Historic Performances

historyThe word ‘history’ can be divided into 2 words ‘hi’ and ‘story’. When we say hello to the story, history comes alive.  Rivka offers several exiciting and fun programs for schools, libraries, historic sites and events.  She also does research and creates stories for your business or community commemoration.

  • Stories from the Nickel Magazines – Pulp fiction from the early 1900s – A hundred years ago people delighted to the fictional stories printed in literary magazines like the Nickle Magazine and Harpers. Rivka has discovered some of these wonderfully chessy stories and tells them in period costume.  Get ready to laugh and shiver—the funny stories are funny, but the scary ones are gruesome.  “A great program for historic sites and festivals”.
  • Presidential Tales not found in History Books – Legends and Stories – Have you heard the stories about John Quincy Adams walking naked in D.C. or the heart wrenching tale of Teddy Roosevelt’s Valentine Day Tragedy. These and many others are included in Rivka Willick Presidential History Program.  **Program can be focused on specific period or complete overview of the presidents. Children’s program option.
  • Thanksgiving Program is great for family gatherings and school events.

    Thanksgiving Program is great for family gatherings and school events.

    The Story of Thanksgiving Children’s Program      The Thanksgiving holiday didn’t happen over a few days-it took centuries.  Rivka brings drums and stories that will surprise and delight both young and old.

  • Famous People you’ve Never Heard of – History is surprising and tons of fun. This program can be focused on a specific state, just women, or other unique groups.
  • 06 fest 014They changed the World in Petticoats—Stories of historic woman —It’s time to meet some remarkable women.  You might know a couple names, others will be new to you, but all these remarkable women helped change the world.
  • The Legends of George – Oral tales about George Washington
    Celebrate the legendary stories of GW

    Celebrate the legendary stories of GW

    Our first president has become a legendary figure and Rivka loves collecting and passing on the legends. This hour long show is filled with stories about Mr. Washington and other revolutionary folks worth remembering. (performed in costume)