Jewish Storytelling

Rivka Willick draws from the rich history of Jewish stories to create exciting programs you’ll remember for years to come.  She draws from the  midrash, history, Chassidic and Sephardic traditions, Yiddish and misyagid literature, and stories shared by hundreds of her listeners through the SOS project.

  • Tapestry of Jewish Oral Stories– A storytelling sampler featuring stories from various Jewish Storytelling Traditions.
  • Stories from the Table – Jews like to eat and tell stories so this program is a natural.  All the stories are based on food.  It’s time to hear some tasty tales from all over the world and through out time.  A Challah demonstration or talk about keeping a kosher kitchen can be requested with the show.  Yum!
  • Jewish Stories for Kids of all Ages – Shows are customized for specific age groups. Many of the shows listed can be adjusted for young children.
  • My Bershert; Finding your match – 1 hour performance for Jewish singles’ programs which includes traditional and original tales. Stories from Rivka’s S-O-S (Save Our Stories) Project are included.  A portion of the program is set aside for listeners to share stories from their families, friends and personal experiences.
  • Special Holiday Programs – Rivka performs a variety of holiday programs for children, family and adult audiences.
    • Sukkot Stories
  • Lights in the Window; Chanukah Stories — It is a mitzvah to put the lights of Chanukah in the window and let the outside world know we are proud to be Jewish. In this set of stories, the tales become lights which illuminate the courage and beauty of  the Jewish tradition.  Rivka tells  modern, historic and traditional tales.  (for general and adult audiences)
  • Here We Go Again; Purim Tales —Most of us know and delight in the story of Esther and Mordechai.  You know the story…a plan is made to wipe the Jews off the map, and then everything turns around.  ..did you know the Esther and Mordechai story is not the only Purim story?  In this program, Rivka has 3 more Purim stories from 3 different times, 3 different places.  Yet, they all have an amazingly  similar plot!!     (for general and adult audiences)
  • We Cleaned for a Month and Now There’s Matzah Crumbs Everywhere!! Pesach Stories —There’s nothing in the world quite like Pesach. Take a break from your cleaning, cooking and going a little mashugana and enjoy tales of  Matza, Hagadahs and Emunah (Faith).  Both adult  and family programs are available.

SOS: Save Our Stories WorkshopsThink about the history of the Jewish people in just the last 100 years.  We are all part of that history.  Rivka is dedicated to saving this generation’s stories by teaching how to shape and pass on tales from our family and community.