Playing With Story–Storytelling combined with other art forms

Storytelling is both a stand alone art form and a seed art.  A seed art germinates other art forms.  A story can and often does brew and simmer until it finds another format.  Playing with Story is an eight class storytelling workshop series that explores storytelling as a seed art.  Particapants will play with visual and performing arts.  Check my calendar for the next series or contact us to schedule classes in your area.

The next series 

A program of Life Center Stage at Rest Stop Rejuvenate.  21 Maple Ave. Rockaway, NJ 07866       973-985-7548-to reserve your space.Call Rivka at 862-268-4989 for more information.

Class Fee -$35.  Pay for full series $250 and guarantee a space in every class.

Space is limited.

ons of each class.

Mon Feb 22What is storytelling?

Every journey begins with a single step, so we’ll begin this series with little stories generated through play.  After a brief introduction to the history and structure of story (Rivka will use props! And a timer), we’ll warm up with a series of games.  We will find stories using a story box, Rivka’s famous smell kit, and shadow play.  It’s our introduction to oral story and an exciting creative workout.

Mon March 7 Drawing the story

A picture is worth a thousand words! Now it’s time to find the stories in those images and share them.  We will use free form pen & Ink drawings, finger paint and classic art as a spring board for our stories and storytelling. Please wear your messy work clothes. If you’ve ever dreamt of writing children’s books or illustrating your poetry or prose, you’ll love this class.  Class is co-taught by guest artist Vicky Mulligan.

Mon March 21Don’t throw my Kodachrome away! Using photos and artifacts to find and preform stories. It’s time for Show & Tell.  Students will be asked to bring photos and items tied to their pasts.  Rivka will also bring artifacts that act like keys to unlock stories buried deep in our brains.  I like to call this the family story playshop.  We get to tell the stories we lived and heard throughout our lives using all sorts of treasures to trigger memories or inspire wild explorations in fantasy.  (Milk and cookies will be served).

Mon April 4Finding the story’s rhythm – Stories with drums – Every story, every character, every person has a rhythm.  We will explore our personal rhythms, search for our character’s rhythms, and play with chanting.  We’ll also tell stories with drums and percussive instruments.  This class will focus on traditional tales, so if you have a favorite, please bring it.  Class is co-taught by guest artist Linda Bagdon.

Mon April 18IMPROV: Yes! My Grandmother Kissed a Raptor – Traditional or organic storytelling is not memorized or read aloud.  It is always changing and collaborative with the audience.  Improv Games improve our ability to “get off the script and get real.”  This fast moving class is so much fun you’ll be shocked at how powerful a workshop can be.  Bring comfortable clothes you can move in. (Please note: This is not psycho drama-but Improv and storytelling, The emphasis is on games and all the exercises will have a playful element.)

Mon May 9Story & Song – Stories and songs have been having a love affair for centuries, now you can be part of that love.  If you have an instrument—bring it. If you have a favorite ballad (poetry or song) bring that too. We will explore the Ballad Format and reconstruct songs into performance stories.  Musical and non-musical people are all invited. Class is co taught by guest artist Simcha Willick

Mon May 23Inclusive & Tandem telling: Sharing the story – Storytelling doesn’t have to be a solo art form. We will explore collaborative storytelling – telling together and inviting other performance arts to share the story.  The audience will be encouraged to be part of the stories and tellers will team up to tell, sing, dance, draw, or play the story together.

Mon June 6Dressing for the Journey; Using Costumes in Traditional Tales – The last class in our series is a costume extravaganza. It’s time to play dress up and discover traditional characters from the outside in.  Invite your silly out for the night and discover how fun traditional tales can be. You are invited to bring costume materials, but Rivka will provide her extensive dress up chests.  We will work on historic tellings – but we won’t get too serious.  So if you’ve ever dreamt of being Marilyn Monroe, Abe Lincoln, or a Queen who owns a button museum, this is your chance to make that dream come true.

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