Story Coaching

Maximize the Power of Story with Story Master Coaching

Story Coaching for Business & Speakers. Take the microphone with confidence. Begin corporate and business meetings with stories that will be remembered and inspire action. Work on your personal story, company narratives, or motivational tales for staff, clients, and the public.

Transformational Storytelling allows us to explore the areas in our lives that are too difficult, painful, or confusing to tackle head-on. This healing art form is playful, fun, and powerful. Expand your personal landscape with this exciting story-coaching approach.

Story Coaching for Artists Stories can stimulate, direct, and clarify an Artist’s vision. Rivka has worked with Composers, Singers, Painters, Poets, Actors, and Comedians, helping them find the stories to inspire their art or the stories that are generated from their creations.

Heirloom Stories Rivka has been helping families save and preserve their family stories for over 20 years with her Save Our Stories (SOS) workshops and one-on-one heritage coaching. Gather stories from our oldest generations before they are gone forever. Bring families together with a fun focus at family reunion and gatherings. Rivka will come to you.

Contact Rivka for story coaching packages. Sessions are done online on zoom or in person. Call today. 862-268-4989.